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WhatsApp Chat Clone Script

What is the WhatsApp clone script?
A Whatsapp clone app or script is a code collection that helps web developers to create a chat application similar to Whatsapp.

Login & Registration:

•    User needs to select country code and enters phone number to login or register to the WhatsApp clone app
•    User will get a one-time password (OTP) to verify their phone number.

Home Page:

•    User can view their chat history on this page.
•    By clicking any chat, the user can see the messages.
•    User can see sender's name, image, the last message received in this WhatsApp clone script
•    At the top left corner, there is an icon to see the contact list who are all using this app in the user's contact list.
•    At the top right corner, there is an icon to click, user can change their name & image. Here some of the menus as follows:
    o    Share app
    o    Privacy Policy
    o    Contact us
    o    Logout

Chat Details page:

•    User can see the sender's name and message.
•    User can send a text message, image, contact, location & document.
•    Users can also use emoji in this WeChat clone app.
•    By clicking the top right corner, the user can see the full details of the message sender.

Group Chat:

• On the chat application development home page, there are two tabs, one is for individual chat and another one is for group chat.
•    At the bottom of the group chat page, there is a button to create a new group.
•    By clicking the camera icon, the user can change the group image.
•    By clicking "+ Add More" to add the group participants.
•    By clicking the top right corner, the user can see the full details of the group.

Share App:

•    User can share this WhatsApp clone script with other contacts through messages. It's like an invite option.

Contact us:

•    User contacts the admin by sending an email.
•    This option is visible for user in the menu list by clicking the profile image which is present in the top right corner of the home page

Additional Features of chat PHP script:

•    Multiple Simultaneous Chat Sessions
•    High Reliability, Scalability and High Load Support
•    Customizable Visitor Popup Messenger
•    Receive an alert
•    Chat live with visitors using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
•    Spell Checker
•    Canned Responses
•    See all visitors
•    Proactive Chat
•    No page refreshes
•    No additional software is needed.
•    Compelling end-user experience
•    Fast response time even on a slow connection
•    Graphical emoticons.
•    Email Chat Transcript for Visitors
•    Match with your site design
•    File Transfer
•    Typing Indicator
•    Presence & Status
•    Offline Messaging Delivery
•    Sound Effects
•    Support for conversation logging.
•    Full Integration with an existing user profiles database
•    Easy installation
•    Firewall Support
•    Multi-language support
•    Geo-location
•    Real-Time Website Visitor Monitoring
•    Minimizing to Windows System Tray
•    GDPR Compliance

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