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Online Hotel Booking System Software

Main Feature

Online Hotel Booking System is an effective, well-built and powerful hotel management software and online hotel booking/reservation site script. This script based on a fully functional PHP solution to manage small or medium-sized hotels, guesthouses or holiday flats.

Our online hotel reservation system allows you to manage the distribution of room inventory and online reservations in no time from one place. The online hotel management system has been specially designed to simplify the hotel booking task. The advantage of this software is that the administrator can manage the type of rooms, hotel rates or the options of booking. Visitors of the site will able to search the availability of the rooms with the online hotel reservation system. They also could view room inventory, check availability and book reservations in real-time through the Online Hotel Booking System Software.


•    Multi-Database support

•    Multi-Currency support

•    Self-automatic currency rates update

•    Different types of properties

•    Customer registration and login

•    Various Prepayment Methods

•    PayPal, 2CO payments and On-line orders

•    Authorize.NET, Pay on Arrival orders

•    Bank Transfer, Pay with Balance orders new

•    VAT calculation by countries

•    Free embedded CSS Template (responsive, LTR/RTL)

•    Widget Integration with other websites

•    Search for the best price while searching rooms

•    Debug mode with profiler

Multi-Hotel support

•    Default and weekly day prices for rooms

•    Bookings management and history

•    Reporting module

•    Room availability calendar

•    Dynamic price calculation

•    Availability calendar on the room description page

•    Integration with external sites

•    CMS for pages with WYSIWYG

•    iPad, Tablet and Smartphone compatibility

•    Multi-Language support

Hotel Owner Features:

•    Hotel owner reservation possibility

•    Bookings management/statistics

•    Room occupancy

•    Possibility to add video links to hotels.

•    online hotel management software

•    Hotel and room-level facilities management

•    Rooms and Room Types management

•    Meal plans

Customers/Travel Agencies Features:

•    Account management

•    My Bookings management

•    My Reviews management

•    My Car Rentals

•    Additional features for agencies

•    Social network logins

Administrator Features:

•    Hotel and room-level facilities management

•    Rooms and Room Types management

•    Roles & Privileges

•    Admins/Hotel Owners management

•    Customer management

•    Travel Agencies management

•    Customer statistics

•    Roles & Privileges Management

•    Administrator reservation possibility

•    Bookings statistics

•    Packages for separate property

•    Confirmation to clients for a booking

•    Check-in/check-out info on Dashboard new

•    Powerful Administrator Control Panel

•    Responsive template for Admin Panel (LTR/RTL)

•    Configuration Panel

•    A lot of configuration options

•    Ban List management

•    Email templates management

•    Emails log option

•    Locations management

•    Hotel management

Additional Modules:

•    Meal Plans

•    Testimonials

•    Hotel Rating

•    Customer Reviews

•    Affiliates

•    Channel Manager Module

•    Car Rental Module

•    REST API Module

•    Reservation Widget

•    Conference Module

•    Extras

•    News

•    Gallery

•    Contact Us

•    Backup

•    Banners

•    Comments

•    FAQ

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Password : sispx3u0

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