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Beauty App Clone Script

To make it simpler the Beauty Parlour PHP script Mall has created the best and most important means by means of basic clone scripts for scholars and makeup artists to take over their company online. This ready-to-use beauty parlour booking app is built with easy to use, smartphone customization in real-time. The range of online beauty salon reservations is now very on-demand and businesses launch their company globally or locally. People are hooked to the digital world and have little time to make their own personal appearances and needs.

Registration of beauty parlour booking app:

    User can register with valid E-mail address and Password

    User can also need to provide their name, phone number, etc.

Login beauty parlour booking app:

    User login with either valid email and password

    User can re-set the password using registered mail-Id by clicking the “Forgot Password” at the bottom of the page.

    New user can register by clicking “Register Now”


 On the home page, there are three types of search the parlours.

    o Search by city or category or both

    o search by top parlours

    o view all parlours

    In the top corner of the page, there is an icon to "register a company" option if the user wants to register their parlour.

 On the home page there is a navigation menu which contains the follows:

    o Home

    o My Profile

    o My Reviews

    o My Appointments

    o User Reviews (if Owner)

    o Manage License (if Owner)

    o Logout

Search Results:

 On this page, user/owner can see the list of parlours based o their search.

    It will show the parlour's name, experience, overall ratings, address, image, etc.

    By clicking the "call" button, the user/owner can make a call to that parlour.

    By clicking “Details”, the user/owner can view the full details of that parlour.


    In this page shows full details of the results.

    It contains parlour name, image, service charge, a field of experience, contact information, business timing of the parlour, etc.

    User can view the ratings and reviews about this parlour by clicking the icon which is present in the top right corner of the page.

    User can write a review and give ratings to the parlour. At the same time, an owner can also write a review and give ratings to other parlours.

My Reviews:

 On this page, the user /owner can view the list of reviews given by them.

    They can view or delete the review by clicking the icons.

My Appointments:

 On this page, the user can see the booking details with parlour name, booking date, time and status of the booking.

    There is a "cancel" button to cancel the booking at any time.

 On this page, the Owner can see the booking request sent to him with a user name, contact number, date and time.

    There is a button to "accept" or "reject" the request in this beauty parlour PHP script.

Manage License:

 On this page, the owner can edit his/her official details like experience area, office address, office phone number, business timings, service charge, etc.

User Reviews:

 On this page, an owner can see the reviews which are given by the user to the parlour.

    It will show the user name, review date, etc.

    There is an icon to see the details of review on the parlour's details page.

My profile in beauty parlour app script:

 User/owner can view their profile by clicking “Profile” on the navigation screen.

 User/owner can edit their profile by clicking “Edit profile” at the top right corner in the action bar.

 User/owner can change their password by clicking the “password change” at the top right corner in the action bar.

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