Top Reasons for Selecting Magento for eCommerce Development

Magento is a very popular CMS and it is used to develop eCommerce websites. In today’s Magento eCommerce platforms have 29.89% of all online stores. Ecommerce business means electronic commerce, in this, a person sells his services online and managing your online store is difficult as a comparison to offline stores. Every year a multiple eCommerce businesses start and come in the race but a few get success and ability to make their presence. A few who get success the reason behind that they are able to manage their online store properly. To manage a platform one needs to select a website development platform very carefully so that he can update his store's details later on my own. Magento development Company in USA offers all the facilities that help in-store management.

Here are a few reasons to select Magento for eCommerce development

         Open source:  Magento is an open-source CMS that makes it a good top choice for developers for eCommerce development.  Magento basically has two editions as below:

• Magento Community Edition – It is free

• Magento Enterprise Edition – It is the premium edition

As Magento community edition is free so developers can use any version of this edition. One who has significant knowledge of Magento can increase the working capacity of the online stores by providing its advanced features. Magento platform has multiple inbuilt libraries that provide many features for online store development and customization.

2. Mobile Responsive:  Magento eCommerce stores are mobile responsive and gives great user experience to customers by providing a user-friendly interface on any of the browsing devices.

3. Search engine optimization (SEO) Friendly:  As we all are aware that only developing an eCommerce is not enough to run a business successfully. To get success in business it is very necessary to bring a website on top in search engines. To bring the website on top SEO is necessary basically SEO makes website keyword-friendly for search results. Magento is SEO friendly as it has an In-built advance SEO feature that generates search engine friendly URLs. It allows Google and HTML those allows bots to crawl a website to bring it on top in search engines.

4. Specially designed for eCommerce platforms: Magento has many inbuilt libraries and extensions as comparisons to other CMS and these extensions give a very good user-friendly experience to customers for online shopping. Magento has an inventory management system and supplier management and advances shipping and user dashboard, these all are very necessary for eCommerce website development. Due to its functionality and advanced features, it is specially designed for eCommerce platform development.

5. Excellent Performance:  As a comparison to other CMS, Magento takes less page load time and query handling time. It also takes less time in performing different kinds of operations and gives optimum results while using fewer servers. It is developed with the latest technologies.

6. Highly Scalable and Flexible: Magento is highly scalable and flexible. Websites developed in Magento can inherit new features and extensions easily. It allows Magento developers to customize the backend of Magento stores to meet specific requirements so that they can develop an eCommerce store with expected functionalities and features.

7. Integration friendly: Magento is integration-friendly as it allows Magento eCommerce stores to easily integrate with payment gateways, applications, database applications, etc. Magento has inbuilt Google Analytics and Google Base and other Google tools that help to track website performance.

8. Multitasking: Magento allows you to perform 2 tasks at the same time without creating any hassles and problems.  It allows developers and clients to update billing, items and inventory and content by only a very user-friendly admin panel.

9. Powerful and Spacious: Magento ecommerce website can handle number on thousand products on a website and can handle more than 35000 orders per hour. Magento ecommerce store can handle a number of thousand users browsing ecommerce store at a time.

10. Highly secured:  Security is a very important parameter for a website and Magento offers a highly secured ecommerce website as it’s secure elements are very trustworthy.